UPVC Windows

UPVC Windows

Soham FensterTech private limited manufactures UPVC Windows. The UPVC Windows are well designed and provides the posh and elegant view of the frames. We have started our firm in the year 2009, we are connected to 75 countries across world our main head quarters located at Belgium, in India we are located in Hyderabad.

The design structure of the UPVC Windows are used for Home, kitchen, balcony etc ,

The UPVC Windows are of different types they are-

  • Single sash side hung casement UPVC windows-,These windows are the single sash side hinged UPVC windows with a sash that swing outward or inward to the right or left.
  • French window / Double sash UPVC windows- These are the windows with the pair of sash side hinged swings outward or inward and opens in the middle
  • Top hung windows-These UPVC windows are hinged on the top and opens from the bottom generally outward.Top Hung UPVC windows provides up to 50% ventilation area, as the hardware does not allow them to be fully opened.These windows are also known as ‘Awning Windows’.
  • Bottom hung UPVC windows. These UPVC windows are hinged at the bottom and opens from the top generally inward, providing 50 % ventilation area best suitable in the small openings of basements / bathrooms. These windows are also known as ‘Hopper Windows’.
  • Bay windows. A bay window is a window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building and forming a bay in a room. These UPVC windows enlarge a room and create a large lighting area for your home. They create space inside that can be utilized for plants or a seat.

The angles most commonly used on the inside corners of the bay are 90, 135 and 150 degrees.

UPVC windows provided in different color types-Cherry,primrose,Golden Oak,Hazelnut,Dark Oak,piedmont,Grey Aluminium,Silver,Ash black.