UPVC Doors & Windows

UPVC Doors & Windows

Soham provides the UPVC Doors & Windows for your beautiful house. We are specialist in designing and providing the posh looks of UPVC Doors & Windows in Hyderabad. We are having good staff with innovative skills can design as per your requirements .Our brand company located at Belgium, and we are located in more than 75 countries.Our services are best in countries and we are also recognised designers of UPVC Doors & Windows.

UPVC Doors & Windows are of different types.

Types of UPVC Windows are:

  • French window / Double sash windows
  • French window / Double sash windows
  • Top hung windows
  • Bottom hung windows
  • Bay windows

The products of the UPVC Doors & Windows are manufactured with good standard quality materials.which provides the long durable and protective . The UPVC Doors & Windows provide major benefits such as-1.Weather Resistance :2. High Security:3. Maintenance Free :4. High Sound 5.Insulation:. Efficient Thermal Insulation :6. Maximum Water Tightness:7. Material & Structural Performance:8. Maximum Wind Resistance: 9. Termite Resistance: SOHOM UPVC Doors & Windows are manufactured the profiles of minimum +2.5mm outer wall thickness.


  • SOHOM casement frame is of 60 mm wide, containing 4 chambers and 2 seals. Its profiles meet the TS 5358 EN 12608 standard.
  • Heights of the profiles for the leaves of the doors included in the system and those of the UPVC Doors & Windows opening outwards have been decreased for optimization purposes, so that the glazing have been enlarged to increase the visibility range.
  • UPVC Doors & Windows system has been designed to have a special curve quickening the water drainage process.
  • UPVC Doors & Windows system can be installed on foldable doors, pivots, parallel slides and other special joinery. It is fully compatible with all other systems (louvers, insect screens, roller shutters.

For more details regarding UPVC Doors & Windows information or wanted to order as per your requirements can call us we will assist you.