Product Sliding

SOHOM Slider UPVC doors and windows are made from DECEUNINCK two track, two and half track, three track or add on track profiles.

SOHOM sliding uPVC windows sash are slightly raised above the aluminum clad track for smooth sliding, preventing dust from settling down in the track. Sliding windows are ideal for homes that require space economy.

Advisable at
1. Living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens
2. Large/tall openings like balconies & living rooms.
4. High rise buildings which experience high velocity winds.

1. Space-economy as the sashes slide and do not open inwards.
2. Thick strip of wool pile between all sashes keeps pollutants and insects out.
3. Anti Lift Locks ensure that sliding panels cannot be lifted or tampered with from the outside.
4. Interlocks between all panels ensure complete sealing from dust and other pollutants.
5. Multi track adapter creates additional tracks with sliding sash for mesh. In high-rise buildings open to high velocity winds, the window comes with the option of a Hurricane Bar for additional structural strength.
6. Monsoon proof solutions like Rain Track and Window Sill can be incorporated, depending on monsoon intensity.
7. Giant windows for a better view.
8. All windows come with multipoint locking system.
9. Can accommodate thicker glass (up to 29 mm) for better insulation

Design Ranges
1. 2 Track 2 Panel Sliding Door
2. 2 Track 3 Panel Sliding Door
3. 3 Track 3 Panel Sliding Door.
4. 2 Track 4 Panel Sliding Door
5. 3 Track 6 Panel Sliding Door
6. And many more depending on the wall opening sizes and other criteria’s.

Color Range