Sliding Flyscreen

Slider fly screen is the optional and additional sash fitted on an additional track to slide like any slider panel. The fly screen allows user to open the windows for free passage of air without allowing mosquitoes / insects enter in to the room.

Advisable to use

  • Halls, Bed rooms, Drawing room.

Advantageous Features

  • Special 2 and additional track sliding frame that permanently has an additional track for fly screen sliding sash that gets welded permanently along the frame.
  • Best suited sliding profile for fly screen for easy movement and operation of the window.
  • Can opt for removable / adjustable additional track with 2 & 3 track sliding, gives us option to use fly screen whenever we are in need of and can be removed when we don’t need it.
  • Stretcher cord used in the fitting of fly screen, so that fly screen is stretchable and fitted easily in the sash.
  • Allows passage of air without allowing mosquitoes, insects and flies enter into the room.
  • Removal track gives us option to remove fly screen whenever there is no use of the system.

Design Possibilities