Roll Down

Roll down fly screen is the mosquito mesh that is optional & additionally attached in casement window frames for the free passage of air without allowing mosquitoes /insects enter in to the room.

It is fitted with imported rollers, the brake mechanism ensures it slides up slowly without banging at the top. When pulled down, it locks easily and seals gaps.

Advisable to use

  • Hall , Bed rooms and Drawing Room
  • Bungalows. Home, Apartment, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels and Resorts.

Advantageous Features

  • " Fits inside for the outward opening casement windows"
  • Store Box and Side Guards helps fly screen to roll up and down in one straight way.
  • Windows are operated with a pull cord/handle.
  • Roller screen is a contemporary solution offering protection from mosquitoes, insects and keeps you free from the effects of insect sprays & mosquito repellent coils.
  • Anti-wind brush strips hold the mesh firmly in the side tracks even in windy conditions, making it a robust screen.
  • Neat fly screen retracts discreetly into its cassette when not in use.
  • The use of adjustable hook ensures perfect tension of the net in the presence of uneven window recess.
  • The use of Viscodynamic break offers smooth & slow rewinding of the screen, also in case of unintentional opening.
  • Easy access to open and close windows.