1. Weather Resistance :

SOHOM windows and doors are excellent weather resistant and can withstand long exposure in extreme weather, like under scorching sun, storms, dryness or high humidity. They are ideal to install in special conditions like in coastal areas where the strong winds, heavy rains and salty air effects the building. They do not rot, nor warp, can perfectly withstand years of weather beating.

2. High Security:

High stability Deceuninck door and window profiles used by SOHOM offer the best solution for increased safety. Special fittings and glazing, qualified window fabrication and expert installation offer an enhanced security at various levels.

3. Maintenance Free :

SOHOM windows and doors do not require repainting and expensive maintenance. They do not rot, warp nor corrode even in tropical and salty coastal climates. Therefore, their maintenance is reduced to simple cleaning and does not involve any further costs.

4. High Sound Insulation:

SOHOM provides efficient solution for high sound insulation having glazing of 20 mm, 24 mm and 28 mm. As we all know the protection against noise is an essential characteristic of a modern window in order to ensure a comfortable life both at home and in the office.

5. Efficient Thermal Insulation :

No matter in which climate SOHOM windows and doors are installed - they contribute to a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. As the multi chamber design of the profiles prevents thermal bridging, the thermal insulating performance is exceptionally good.

6. Behaviour In Case Of Fire :

Fire tests have shown that SOHOM used materials, being naturally flame retardant throughout their product life, will not cause, support or enhance the development of accidental fire.

7. Maximum Water Tightness:

SOHOM windows and doors systems have been successfully used in swimming pools, marine and ocean environments without detriment to the surface finish or performance. One of the main assets of SOHOM doors and windows system is their resistance to driving rain and their joint tightness.

8. Material & Structural Performance:

The longevity and the superior quality of the DECEUNINCK material used by SOHOM have been conclusively proved for almost 40 years. SOHOM’s material compound performs to worldwide standards for strength, durability, heat stability, color retention, and termite resistance.

9. Maximum Wind Resistance :

Due to the excellent material properties , SOHOM windows and Doors systems are ideal for being installed in buildings close to the sea where they are permanently exposed to strong wind , heavy rain and salty air.

10. Termite Resistance :

In tropical climates wooden windows and doors are often destroyed by termites, where as SOHOM doors and window systems are fully resistant to these insects.


1. SOHOM casement frame is of 60 mm wide, containing 4 chambers and 2 seals. Its profiles meet the TS 5358 EN 12608 standard.
2. Heights of the profiles for the leaves of the doors included in the system and those of the doors opening outwards have been decreased for optimization purposes, so that the glazing have been enlarged to increase the visibility range.
3. This system has been designed to have a special curve quickening the water drainage process.
4. This system can be installed on foldable doors, pivots, parallel slides and other special joinery. It is fully compatible with all other systems (louvers, insect screens, roller shutters …).


1. Physical properties of PVC-U ensure the window to achieve a high performance for thermal insulation, and the 4 chambers, 60 mm profile width and the TPE seals ensure it to achieve a high performance for overall insulation.
2. Thermal transfer calculations made for this system prove its thermal performance clearly.
3. In general, the heat loss or gain in a building is expressed as “U value”. The lower the U value, the higher the insulation effect. It translates to better thermal perception and greater comfort.
4. Thermal insulation tests conducted on our profile by IFT - Rosenheim certifies that its Uf = 1.4 W/m2K.
5. Furthermore, this system contains TPE seals enabling it to lock in the corners in such a manner to provide excellent insulation.
6. Furthermore, the 150 mm profiles used in the door panels of this system have a honeycomb structure ensuring the joinery to have excellent insulation properties.


1. Acoustic insulation refers to dispersion of sound after it emits from its source. The sound reduction index Rw is expressed in dB.
2. SOHOM provides efficient solutions for acoustic insulation because it is available in glazing thicknesses 20 mm, 24 mm and 28 mm.
3. Acoustic insulation tests were conducted on our profile according to the EN ISO 717-1 standard.
4. It has been certified that its sound reduction index Rw (C, Ctr) = 42.8 (–1.5; –3.9) dB.


SOHOM doors and windows are manufactured the profiles of minimum +2.5mm outer wall thickness.