Lift & Slide

Lift & Slide are the smooth sliding systems that have the possibilities to cover complete wall and act as transparent wall with wider opening and higher security system.

SOHOM DECEUNINCK lift & slide systems have unique hardware mechanism that allows the big and weighty sashes slide very smoothly and give higher security.

It unites wide doors of a house with its terrace, balcony or garden in an elegant and practical way.

Advisable to Use

  • Very wide apertures that require almost entire wall to be covered.
  • Where width and height of the “wall to wall” openings are high.
  • Balconies
  • Living room
  • Dining hall

Advantageous Features

  • Lift & Slide are the sliding systems that can used to maximum heights and width.
  • The system is constructed with special hardware mechanism that ensures the smooth operation of the door system.
  • Smooth roller mechanism that moves door with very softer touch.
  • Different style locking mechanism that gives access to lock door wherever we wish to.

Design Possibilities

Colour Ranges